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Grow More With Less

With only three percent of the world’s land mass available for agriculture, almost 800 million people suffering from severe malnutrition, and an ever-increasing global population, the stakes for food security have never been higher.

In a guest commentary for the Global Health Action healthcare journal, Tobias Menne, Head of Digital Farming at Bayer, proposes changes that need to be made in order to tackle this challenge. The development of digital devices such as drones, field robots, decision support software, and smart irrigation systems is benefiting farmers – big and small – and enabling them to achieve higher yields by using fewer resources. “For the first time, growers can understand exactly where pests, weeds, and diseases are,” he says. And they can respond to these threats in real time, which means they can take a far more specific approach in treating their crops. “We’re heading to a future with more effective pesticide use, which really improves the environmental footprint,” adds Tobias Menne. “In the past, selling more products meant more business for a company like Bayer; whereas in future, we sell healthy fields,” he sums up. Read the full article here.