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O Mother, How Art Thou?

Food, water, minerals, and energy resources: that’s what the earth supplies us with. Not to mention that it is also our home and (so far) the only known environment where we can live without technical help. Thanks to these nourishing qualities, our planet is often called Mother Earth. To honor her and raise awareness for upcoming challenges, we celebrate International Mother Earth Day every year on April 22.

Feeding her children is the most important task Mother Earth has. And it’s not an easy one. With an ever increasing world population and a reduction in arable land per capita, she needs all the help we can provide to accomplish that task. Bayer considers one of its main jobs to be making agriculture more sustainable. Producing more food while using fewer resources is the perfect way to feed the world while also keeping Mother Earth healthy. Digital farming solutions are one way to do that. Bayer is working constantly to develop intelligent digital tools that safeguard harvests and improve yields, while at the same time making sure to protect natural resources and the environment.