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Making Waves: World Water Day

Today, over 600 million people live without a safe water supply close to their homes. As a result, they spend countless hours standing in a queue or trekking to distant sources, which costs them precious time that could otherwise be used to work, earn money, or be in school.

But the alternative – using contaminated water and having to suffer the health impacts – is even worse, and the problem is continually growing. That’s why in 1993, the United Nations General Assembly officially designated March 22 as World Water Day to raise awareness and tackle this challenge. Everyone can contribute. In line with this year’s motto, “wastewater,” we all can work on reducing our water consumption. Bayer, for instance, is developing innovative products and technologies to make agriculture more water-efficient and resource-friendly. Bayer is committed to minimizing wastewater by devising systematic waste management and recycling tools. In doing so, Bayer is also trying to work on two other problematic subjects: water quality and scarcity. While concentrating on its core competencies, Bayer has developed a couple of measures to improve these. Learn more about it.